There can be no satisfaction greater than that achieved from the act of reforming. The Atherstone group is committed to being a part of social causes that encourage development. Our social commitments are our efforts of reaching out to the community and giving back what we have gained from it.

 We believe Knowledge is Power - the Power to turn vision into reality, the Power to make a world of difference to a single individual, society, or perhaps a nation.

Our community development initiatives begin by empowering, enabling and enhancing people's lives through education.

Education facilitates the pursuit of an elevated goal, a nobler ideal; and we recognise that the fulfilment of these goals and ideals leads to the creation of a new generation of leaders, steering the nation toward greater successes. By encouraging education and improving opportunities, Atherstone invests in the leaders of tomorrow.
  The Atherstone Belief Foundation, set up to support community development by promoting education, undertakes various initiatives that enable students to achieve quality education.

One of its key objectives is to institute and operate the Atherstone Scholarships for deserving candidates pursuing advanced courses in the fields of management, economics and commerce. The Foundation seeks to nurture exceptional talent in the youth, by providing the most appropriate assistance.

Through these scholarships, we wish to foster not just outstanding academic excellence, but also a strong performance in sporting activities, a humane outlook to life and a strong moral character. In essence, assessing talent on all-encompassing parameters that give due importance to extra-curricular activities, leadership qualities, values, vision and overall personality.
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